Montana Way specializes in Madison Valley vacation rentals and property management. We provide homeowners with a variety of services to ensure rental properties are well-maintained, cleaned, and ready for the next guests. We offer peace of mind with regular property checks, and we also take the stress out of housekeeping coordination and scheduling maintenance. For guests, we provide recommendations for vacation amenities such as outdoor gear rentals, fly fishing trips, and even babysitting services.

We strive to deliver the highest quality of service and to consistently exceed the expectations of our guests and owners.


Free yourself from the stress of managing your vacation rental by allowing us to do it for you.

Property & Security Checks

Montana Way offers regular property and security checks for your vacation rental or second home on a weekly or monthly basis. We provide general walkthroughs of the entire home and premise, as well as checking the property for potential damage or required maintenance.

Some services include making sure doors are locked and secured, ensuring the heating/cooling/plumbing systems are working properly, watering plants, and providing the property with a “lived-in” look.


We offer homeowners peace of mind by managing and scheduling the required maintenance of your property. If you require a service that we do not provide, we can contact a team of qualified and validated subcontractors who can assist in property maintenance.

General property maintenance services include snow removal, grass watering, providing entry for subcontractors, and end-of-season upkeep such as painting and sprinkler blow-outs.


If general maintenance services are required beyond our ability, Montana Way will offer homeowners a list of references for trained and validated subcontractors who can help with property maintenance throughout the home and premise.

Some vendor management services include granting entry to the property as well as quality control and oversight of the work being done. We will also confirm the completion of the project and manage billing accordingly.

Housekeeping Coordinating

Finding cleaning services is frequently the most difficult problem for property owners. We make the procedure easier by handling all of the housekeeping and even making direct payments. Simple maintenance services are available, and more complex work is contracted out.

Some housekeeping coordination services include regular upkeep and interior deep cleaning, as well as providing a consistent cleaning service between visitors and family visits at your property.

Home Care Concierge Services

Let us take the work out of making your vacation home or second home feel like a vacation.

Trip Guiding & Planning

Whether you’re a new homeowner in the area or are looking for a fresh experience, we can provide a list of activities and adventures in the Madison Valley area to suit your needs.

Grocery & Alcohol Deliveries

If you want to skip the grocery line, Montana Way will assist in having grocery and alcohol orders delivered before you arrive to your property. We will also store foods that require refrigeration.

Airport Car Deliveries

Montana Way offers homeowners the option of having their vehicle delivered to the airport for their arrival, as well as returning the vehicle to the property securely after departure.

Package Delivery

Are you expecting a packing in the days before your arrival? We ensure safe delivery by taking the packages inside the home, as well as picking up mail from the post office or dropping packages off.

Vacation Rental Concierge Services

Allow us to provide all the amenities you may need to enjoy a memorable Montana vacation.

Madison Valley Area Information

In the Madison Valley, the spirit of the old west lives on. Ennis, a community of about 1,000, is the center of this bustling region. Let us provide you with local area information so you can get to know your surroundings while you enjoy the whole Montana experience.

Fly Fishing Trip Recommendations

The Madison River is classified as a blue ribbon trout stream and is considered one of the best in the world. Montana Way co-owner, John Way, owns and operates Montana Way Outfitters in the heart of Ennis and provides guests with guided fly fishing trips.

Recreational Recommendations

If fly fishing isn’t your thing, there are numerous other activities in Madison Valley, which is considered Montana’s finest recreational area. Whether it’s summer or winter, there is something for everyone to enjoy and we can provide you with a list of our favorites.

Outdoor Gear Rentals

With so many recreational activities in the area, some of those require gear rentals. Whether you are interested in river tubing in the summer or snowshoeing in the winter, Montana Way will provide you with a list of outfitters in the area who can set you up for an adventure.

Restaurant Recommendations

Whether you’re dining in Ennis or West Yellowstone or somewhere in between, Madison Valley has a long list of highly-ranked restaurants with a variety of cuisine. Just tell us what you’re hungry for and we can provide you with plenty of recommendations.

Grocery Deliveries

If you’re looking to prepare a meal rather than heading out for a bite to eat, Montana Way can assist with grocery deliveries direct to your front door. If you happen to be out exploring or are just arriving, we would be happy to ensure refrigerated items are stored before you get in.

Alcohol Deliveries

Every vacation isn’t complete without a nice glass of wine or a cold brew. Montana Way will assist you with alcohol deliveries so you can enjoy your vacation rental while staying safe. We would also be happy to put items in the fridge so they are chilled before you arrive.

Dog-Sitting Recommendations

If you brought your furry friend with you on your vacation but would need a safe place for them to stay while you are out and about exploring Madison Valley, Montana Way can provide you with local recommendations for pet-sitting services.

Babysitting & Kid Gear Rentals

We know that traveling with kid gear and equipment can be difficult, so we would be happy to provide you with a list of local rental agencies. We can also recommend nearby babysitting services so you know your little one is safe and secure while you take a break.