Destination Fly Fishing

From The Tackle Shop we venture out across the state to fly fish the best trout fishing waters of Montana at their prime. Join us and see some of the best Montana has to offer!

The Smith River Canyon float in the Lewis and Clark National Forest is a 58 mile stretch of the most pristine trout stream you’ll ever see! This truly is what is meant by the expression “God’s Country”. Abundant wildlife, a blue ribbon trout stream, spectacular scenery and western hospitality combine to make this float the trip of a lifetime. Some are blessed with the opportunity to do it year after year, but everyone should do it at least once.

Limited access restricts this to a 5 day float. Your camp is moved daily by raft as you proceed down the river through limestone canyons, meadows and forested hills. Frequent waterfowl viewings of elk, deer, river otters, raccoons, beaver, and black bears add to the beauty of the Smith River. The Smith River fishes well beginning in May and continues into July. This is a very special place to fly fish and a great trip. All of our Smith River Trips are run with our good friend Todd France and Blast and Cast Outfitters, a long time Smith River Outfitter.

Slough Creek pronounced “Sloo” is one of the most written about small creeks in the world. It is described by the National Park Service as the symbol of Western Rocky Mountain trout fishing. This small creek which originates outside Yellowstone near Cooke City, Montana and the Beartooth Range flows for 16 glorious miles through the park.

With ample trout populations from top to bottom and boasting over 70% of the creek meandering through open meadows this is as popular a fishing destination as any. Fly fishermen come to Slough Creek for the large Yellowstone cutthroat trout and the gin clear water set in some of the parks most impressive scenery. Anglers visiting on foot are confined to the lower two meadows above the trailhead. The real wilderness fishing lies in the upper or third meadow. This is only accessible by horseback or back pack on multi-day trips. The park service requires advance reservation and limits trips to the upper meadow to three nights. Here fisherman will experience the slow moving Slough creek with ample hatches of May flies and caddis flies. It is not hard to know where the fish are as most are easily spotted in the crystal clear water. The trick is getting them to rise to your fly. The large cuts in this meadow, many over 20 inches, live in an environment that favors the trout not the fisherman. Fish are known to rise and follow a fly for several feet before taking or rejecting. If you love small dries and finicky fish this is the place that will make you happy.