Big Hole / Beaverhead

The Big Hole River is a large freestone river that rises from the small streams and springs in the Upper Big Hole Valley. The river changes character throughout its journey, beginning as a small meadow stream and ending in a large freestone river. The Big Hole can be one of the first major rivers to clear up in the spring and has a great early season stone fly hatch as well as great terrestrial fishing in late summer. Float fishing on the Big Hole River can be excellent although floaters need to pay attention to the dangers of trees blocking the path of the river.


The Beaverhead River begins at the confluence of the Red Rock River and Horse Prairie Creek. The present day confluence of these two streams is Clark Canyon Reservoir and the Upper Beaverhead River is now a tail water fishery. As a result the water temperatures and flows of the Beaverhead provide a perfect environment for aquatic insect hatches and trout growth. The Beaverhead River is narrow and winds through deep undercut willow lined banks. Access is somewhat limited and the fishing can sometimes be crowded but the Beaverhead River should be on everyone’s bucket list of places to fish.


All Big Hole and Beaverhead trips are run with Matt Greemore Flatline Outfitters #4005, Po Box 475, Twin Bridges, Mt 59754.